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The Maharani Weddings Best of 2020 Magazine is Here!

Oh what a year.  A year that began with the best intentions to be the start of an unforgettable decade, unfolded to be just that. The world and life as we know it has stopped; and while societies disagree on how to handle most circumstances, it is through events, like weddings, that strengthens the fabric of our communities. 2020 has humbly shown the citizens of the world what each of us have to be grateful for. As a company when we looked deeper into our core, we were able to reflect on who Maharani Weddings is and what we are passionate about. Since our inception we have had an unwavering commitment to showcasing all celebrations of love. And, Corona couldn’t take that away.

In this year’s magazine we feature those weddings that showcased the year best.  To put it simply, this collection of weddings was unstoppable. A few of the weddings were impromptu, others set out to be big Bollywood type affairs that were quickly paired down to a backyard. Some were even missing parents. In true 2020 fashion, nothing went as planned. These couples overcame tough circumstances and by using their patience, flexibility, and communication. To sum it up, they were troopers.

It is with immense gratitude that we have the privilege of showcasing this selection of weddings.  The couples and vendors gave wedding enthusiasts, like myself, something to rejoice about, find happiness in, and brought broad smiles from underneath our masks. A moment to fall in love and forget about lockdowns, quarentines, or curfews. They are the warm moments that will live in our hearts forever.  From enchanting stories about Erica’s disco boots, to Aleena’s bridal baraat, Krishana & Mehul who just slipped by Covid, and how could I not mention Sharon & Anuj Gatsby-esqu affair...these wedding coming to life before our eyes gave us a glimmer of hope into the future.  From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful for each and every one of the couples we featured this year.

source https://www.maharaniweddings.com/2021-02-03/14355-the-maharani-weddings-best-of-2020-magazine-is-here

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