Surat, India Indian Wedding by Wedbyshah

Happy Friday, beautiful Maharanis! We are glad you could join us today because we are about to unveil a new love story filled with magic, romance, and charm. So don't hesitate and get ready to enjoy Dhwani & Akhil's wedding coming to us from Surat, India. When these lovebirds decided they wanted to start their happily ever after in India, they knew that their wedding celebration had to be extraordinary to keep up with the beauty that India has to offer. And just by taking a glance at the shots captured by Wedbyshah, we can agree that this celebration exceeded all expectations. Everything was amazing! This lovely young couple took their love to the Avadh Utopia Surat to tie the knot and start a lifetime of happiness and marriage. And thanks to Avsar Events, each ceremony and celebration overflowed with so much beauty and flair that it was almost impossible to describe it. Still, it was our gorgeous Maharani who stole the show! She looked like a goddess throughout the entire celebrations, thanks to Ankeeta, who did a phenomenal job taking care of Dhwani's beauty needs! If you want to keep enjoying today's lovely wedding, don't miss the gallery we have prepared for today. We are sure you will love it and get tons of inspiring ideas to start planning your wedding!

source https://www.maharaniweddings.com/2021-07-30/14549-surat-india-indian-wedding-by-wedbyshah
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